Before and after school clubs for Secondary schools

A club that actually improves the mental health of pupils? Really?

Coming in 2017, the only before or after school club scientifically proven to help all pupils of all abilities feel happier and more successful.

Unicycling for focus

In 2017 Jester Academy will be offering before and after school circus skills clubs to Secondary schools in and around the Solihull area. Circus skills activities offer so many great benefits to pupils that it would take the whole page to list them here but below are the main 5, in our experience.

  1. The are a welcome break from traditional, competitive activities that children have to take part in as part of “normal” PE. They offer those children who may not thrive in or enjoy those sports an activity where the only challenge is with yourself (at least initially)
  2. They breed self confidence, self awareness, persistance and a healthy “can do” attitude. Not having grades, levels, badges or awards means that although there are very clear progressions to be made, pupils don’t feel negative pressure to succeed in a defined time frame.
  3. The broad range of skills and activities encompassed by circus skills means there is something for everyone of every ability to enjoy and excel at.
  4. Circus skills are a great use of phyhscial and mental energy, at the start of the day they offer a perfect “feel good” boost before the school day starts and at end of the day they are the perfect “destress and unwind” activities.
  5. Once pupils have learnt the skills to get going circus skills activities help develop really useful skills of self direction, practise, modelling and perserverance. All skill that, although pupils may not realise it, are highly transferrable to the rest of school.

Circus skills fun

To enquire about a club at your school click here

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